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Yahoo Retirement Calculator

The Yahoo retirement calculator is a "quick" retirement calculator.  The good thing about it is Yahoo is not trying to sell you an financial products.  Note that the suggested Income replacement at retirement is 75%, not the 85% that most financial companies use for their calculators.

This retirement calculator asks 12 questions to calculate your future.  This is not enough information to even come close to a good answer.

Read the disclaimer in the fine print at the bottom of the calculator.

This calculator is provided by CalcXML which is a third party provider of online calculators.  On its website, CalcXML advertises "Teaser Calculators".  This is the best description I have seen for the very basic calculators that are designed to cause you to panic when you use them, since they tend to tell you that you are going to spend your retirement living in a box under a bridge.  They get your attention so you will buy the sponsor's financial planning services.

Do not use this calculator for any serious retirement calculations.

See my recommendations for the best retirement calculators.

Here is a picture of the Yahoo Retirement Calculator.

Yahoo Retirement Calculator

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