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Retirement Calculators Index

I only recommend retirement calculators that require detailed input data to give you the most accurate answers.  Don't be fooled into thinking that you can spend a few minutes answering a few questions to properly plan your retirement finances for the rest of your life.

This index classifies retirement calculators as follows:

Best Retirement Calculators

ESPlannerBASIC is the best free retirement calculator I have evaluated.  It is different from most retirement calculators since it is really full blown retirement planner capable of projecting your living standard over your lifetime.  It does require detailed input in order to develop your life plan, but the results are far better than other calculators.

FIRECalc Retirement Calculator is the second best free retirement calculator I have evaluated.  It requires the detailed input needed to create the accurate answer you need to plan your retirement.  It then runs your plan through all of the 30 year cycles of the stock market since 1871 to see how many times your plan would succeed or fail in each of those cycles.

Motley Fool Retirement Calculator was created by LeadFusion.  It also requires very detailed input, especially in the input of your assets.  It has the ability to specify when your income from a retirement job will end.

Good Retirement Calculators

These calculators ask more questions and give more accurate answers than the poor calculators.

Poor Retirement Calculators

These calculators are only acceptable for a quick calculation of your retirement financial status.  They are not recommended for seriously planning your retirement finances for the rest of your life.

If you are looking for the quickest calculation, try this method.

    Quick retirement calculators (Alphabetic order):

Third Party Retirement Calculators

Third party retirement calculators are calculators that are created by a company to sell to other companies that need a calculator but do not choose to create an original calculator for their own sites.  Some of these are very good and some are "teaser retirement calculators".  These will be listed in another classification on this site under the name of the company that has posted the third party calculator in its website.

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