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RealAge Test

The RealAge Test was developed by Dr.Michael Roizen, Chief Wellness Officer at the Cleveland Clinic.  He is best known for developing this test and for the many books on wellness that he has authored.

To take the test, you must set up an account and give your email address.

RealAge Test

The test asks 137 questions about personal history, personal habits, diet, ect. It will ask for your cholesterol and HDL levels.  If you know them, you enter them, but if not, it will ask you to estimate if they are high, average, or low.

From your answers, the test calculates if you are biologically younger or older than your chronological age.    In other words, will you die younger than your listed mortality or live longer than your listed mortality as shown in standard actuarial tables.

RealAge Test

I do not classify this as a true longevity calculator since you must use another calculator to find your longevity and then add or subtract your RealAge difference.  For this, I recommend you use the Social Security Longevity Calculator to calculate your base longevity since it is based strictly on actuarial values and is not adjusted for any family history or personal habit.

The RealAge website makes its money by gathering your email and passing it to companies that will send you advertising that closely matches your interests and needs.  Be careful when you check a box since that check mark may allow RealAge to send you information.

Note: The first page of the test is a long list of "Health Interests".  I skipped the first page since checking any of these would put me on an email list to receive information.  You do not have to check any of the boxes on the first page to take the test.

Take the RealAge Test.

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