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New Retirement Calculator

The New Retirement calculator is a very capable calculator that has the ability to enter income from a retirement job and how long you expect to earn that income.  This is one thing to look for in the better retirement calculators.

This calculator is good, but it is not the best.  See my recommendations for the best retirement calculators.

To use the New Retirement Calculator, you must enter your email address and set up an account.  Read the Terms and Conditions on the site so you understand what New Retirement can do with your information.  The link to this information is at the bottom of the page.

The New Retirement calculator requires that you enter the following information, but it is easy to complete.  Here is the starting page.

New Retirement Calculator

Enter the basic information and click to go to the next page. 

The second page asks about your income, household assets, and insurance.  Note where you enter the income from a retirement job and how long you plan to receive the income.

New Retirement Calculator

New Retirement Calculator

Next input your household expenses and debt.

New Retirement Calculator

The last page tells you the results of your input and then tells you areas that you should evaluate.  This is where the "sell" comes in, but some of the points that New Retirement makes are valid and you should study your options.

New Retirement Calculator

Then New Retirement offers options for improving your situation.

New Retirement Calculator

This concludes the example of the New Retirement Calculator.

Access the New Retirement Calculator on the New Retirement website.

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