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Motley Fool Retirement Calculator

The Motley Fool Retirement Calculator is a good calculator that asks many questions about your retirement plan and gives you solid answers.

This calculator is produced by LeadFusion, a company that specializes in on-line calculators and lead generation.

Here is a picture of the first part of the Inputs page.  The inputs required are extensive and cannot all be shown in this picture.

Motley Fool Retirement Calculator Main Page

Again: This picture does not include all the data input required for this calculator.

I give this calculator high marks for its data collection.  However, the results page seems too simple to me as shown in the following picture.  You can click on the "View Graphs" button (See Arrow) for more detail.

Motely Fool Retirement Calculator Results Page

The Graphs Page shows you interesting information that most of the other retirement calculators do not show.

The first graph shows your retirement savings over time and classifies  your savings into taxed and tax deferred components.  The second graph shows your annual expenses and which funds are used annually to pay your expenses.

Motley Fool Retirement Calculator Graphs

The Motley Fool Retirement Calculator does a good job of assisting you in your retirement planning.  It requires much more detailed input than many of the other retirement calculators.  However, if you want accurate answers, you need to spend the time developing and entering the data.

I recommend this retirement calculator.

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