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MSN Retirement Calculator 

The MSN Retirement calculator is the simplest and most graphic calculator.  All the data input and the results are shown on the one page.  Take note that this calculator is for an individual.

I could not find any information about the assumptions and methodology that this calculator uses so use it with caution.

This calculator does ask the amount you want for living expenses when you retire and does not use the standard 75 - 85 % of pre-retirement income that most calculators use.

For help with how much you will need for living expenses, read the Retirement Living Expenses page of this website.

Do not use this calculator for any serious retirement calculations.

See my recommendations for the best retirement calculators.

Here is a picture of the MSN Calculator.

MSN Retirement Calculator

You can easily enter the input data and click Calculate to see what impact your input has on the results.

Access the MSN Retirement Calculator on the MSN website.

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