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A different kind of retirement calculator

FIRECalc is truly a cut above most other retirement calculators.

It is a serious calculator that does not attempt to sell you anything and as such, is impartial in its calculations.

It relies on you to determine what your retirement expenses will be rather than use the 70 - 85% of pre-retirement income rule that most financial advisors use.

It has options for your spending patterns.  You can enter three different spending patterns and test each one to see how your plan will compare based on each.

There are many other input options that you can use or you can use the many default settings the author has set.

When you have entered all the information that you wish to input including the length of time you want your money to last (lets use 30 years for example), the calculator will use your information and run your plan through all of the 30 year periods on record for the stock market since 1871.  The answer is given as a success rate percentage of how many times your plan would have succeeded (your portfolio never reached zero before the end of the 30 year period).  This is much more accurate than the general calculators that use a fixed projected increase for the value of the stock market.

Bottom line.  This retirement calculator is near the top of the class for helping you plan for your retirement.

Here is a picture of FIRECalc.  Notice the tabs along the top of the page.  Use these to input data for your plan to get the most accurate answers.

FIRECalc Home Page

I recommend that you set aside some time to work with FIRECalcIt is the second best free retirement calculator I have evaluated.

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