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CalcXML Retirement Calculator

CalcXML Retirement Calculator is a product of Financial Calculators, Inc., a third party provider of online calculators.  On its website, Financial Calculators, Inc. advertises "Teaser Calculators".  This is the best description I have seen for the very basic calculators that are designed to cause you to panic when you use them, since they usually tell you that you will not have enough savings for a safe retirement.

Once the calculator has your attention (teases you), it promotes the sponsor's financial planning services.

Here is the CalcXML retirement calculator as displayed on its website.

After you enter the required input, you click Submit and the calculator will display the following graph to show your results.

This calculator does include spousal input and does include Social Security.  It does not include inputs of a retirement job or pension so I consider it to be a weak retirement calculator.  Also, the methodology  of the SS estimate is not available so the accuracy of the Social Security estimate should be questioned.

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