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CNN Money Retirement Calculator

The previous version of the CNN retirement calculator was a good, basic retirement calculator, but since CNN changed it, I classify it as a "quick" calculator.

This calculator requires very little data input and makes all the assumptions based on fixed estimates.  As with any retirement calculator, it is important to read the assumptions the calculator makes and the methodology it uses.  At the bottom of this calculator, click on Methodology to read this information.

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Here is a picture of CNN Money retirement calculator.

CNN Money Retirement Calculator

When you click View more, the Methodology information is displayed.

I have highlighted some of the key assumptions this calculator makes.  It uses one assumption that is used by many calculators and that is you will need 85% of your pre-retirement income to live comfortably for the rest of your retirement.  My research indicates that this is too high in most cases.

CNN Money Retirement Calculator

For more information about expenses, go to retirement living expenses.  This will open up a new window.  When you are finished learning about retirement living expenses, close that window and return back here.

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