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Blue Zones Vitality Compass

I recommend this calculator.

This calculator is a good longevity estimator.

You must set up an account using your email address so if you do not want to do this, skip this calculator.  The first page is misleading since it says "Question 1 of 1" and there are nine inputs on this page.  In total, it asks 38 questions about the topics that are described on the tabs in the picture below.

Blue Zones Vitality Compass

Here is my result from this calculator.  I am blessed with good genes and good health so I need to make certain that our retirement savings will last the duration of our lives.

About the Calculator

This calculator was developed in collaboration with the University of Minnesota School of Public Health.  It asks detailed questions similar to the Living to 100 calculator which you would expect.

When you have completed the inputs, the calculator will show your results and make recommendations for extending your longevity.  The recommendations are solid and are worth reading.

You will be invited to participate in programs offered by Blue Zones. 

I recommend the Blue Zones Vitality Compass.

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