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Best Longevity Calculators

The best longevity calculators or life expectancy calculators are designed to help you estimate how long you will live.

This information is necessary to project how much money you will need for retirement since a key question that you must answer is "How long will you need the money to last?".

To correctly calculate our retirement financial needs, we must project, as accurately as possible, how long we will live in retirement.

There are many longevity calculators on the Internet, but these are the best ones.

Find the most accurate answer with the Living to 100 Life Expectancy Calculator.  Find the quickest answer with the Social Security Longevity Calculator.

Verify your numbers using several of the best longevity calculators to double check your calculations.

Read the assumptions for each calculator to understand how each one works.

Living to 100 Life Expectancy Calculator

I recommend this calculator.

This is the best and most complete calculator.  It asks 47 questions about various aspects of your life and your habits to come up with the projection on how long you will live.  We all know that family history and our environment affect our longevity and this calculator asks the right questions.

Blue Zones Vitality Compass

I recommend this calculator.

This longevity calculator bills itself as "The Most Accurate Life Estimator Available".  It is good, but in my opinion, it is second to the Living to 100 Life Expectancy Calculator.

Try them both.  It does not take long and you will find it educational.  This one gives you recommendations at the end for extending your longevity.

Northwestern Mutual Longevity Game

This is a quick, simple calculator you can use to double check other calculators.  It asks twelve questions that are very easily answered.  It has an entertaining graphic that changes as you answer each question.

Vanguard Longevity Calculator

This is a simple longevity calculator to use.  It gives you the probability of you and your spouse living the number of years you project living in retirement.  It is based on mortality data from the Society of Actuaries Retirement Participant 2000 Table.

Social Security Longevity Calculator

This is the simplest and easiest calculator to use.  It is based strictly on actuarial tables.

RealAge Test

RealAge Test is not a true longevity calculator since it does not tell you exactly how long you will live, but it does ask the most comprehensive questions (137) to determine if you are biologically older or younger than your actual age.

In my opinion you can gain enough knowledge from it that is is worth taking the test. 

These are the top longevity calculators.  Use them to determine your estimated life expectancy to enter into the best retirement calculators.

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