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Ballpark Estimate Retirement Calculator

The Ballpark Estimate Retirement Calculator is sponsored by the non-profit Employee Benefits Research Institute (ERBI).  It is a simple retirement calculator, but is deemed "a good place to start".

Here is a picture of the first part of the calculator.

Ballpark Estimate Retirement Calculator

It is a one page questionnaire with 16 questions.

Once you have input the information, click Submit at the bottom and the calculator will tell you what percent over or short you will be from your desired retirement income.

This calculator has a weakness.  It does not allow you to input the age when you plan to stop working at your retirement job.  This will cause the income from your retirement job to be overstated.

This is a pretty good calculator, but it is not one of the best.  See my recommendations for the best retirement calculators.

Access the Ballpark Estimate retirement calculator on the ERBI website.

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