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AARP Retirement Calculator

The AARP Retirement Calculator is a very capable calculator as you would expect from a product sponsored by AARP.

The AARP calculator requires input for both husband and wife.

I do not think this version of the AARP Calculator is as good as the previous one.  The previous one allowed input for income from a retirement job and when that income would stop.  It also allowed for the input from a major event like selling your home or receiving an inheritance.  This version does not accommodate this which is a weakness since the equity in a home without a mortgage is a major part of most retirees assets.

The AARP calculator is good, but it is not the best free calculator available.  See my recommendations for the best retirement calculators.

The page where the calculator is located starts with a video (1:56 minutes) which is short and informative.

The calculator starts just below the video so scroll down to start it.

AARP Retirement Calculator

The AARP calculator has three steps (tabs) that you must step through to complete your projections. 

AARP Retirement Calculator

The first tab - About You is where you enter your basic information: marital status, the amount of your retirement assets, how much money you are currently saving, and how much you expect from social security, and pensions, etc.  A weakness of this calculator is that it does not have a place for income from a retirement job.

This calculator gives you the choice of three lifestyles based on your current lifestyle, modest, about the same, extravagant.

The second tab - Your Retirement Income is where you will see the results of your input in a handy graph format.

At the bottom of this section, there is a small link that is easy to overlook.  It shows the underlying assumptions that are used for the calculator.  Click on this and read it since it is very important to understand how your retirement projections are being calculated.

AARP Retirement Calculator

This will display the assumptions data.  The inflation rate is about what is predicted for the future.  To see more information about current and projected inflation rates go to Inflation.

AARP Retirement Calculator

The third tab - Options shows you how you can vary your inputs and assumptions and what those changes will do to the results of the calculations.

Access the AARP Retirement Calculator on the AARP website.

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